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CategoryTicketShort Description
3270 Datastream Ticket775Displaying multiple host screens
Ticket690Can not pass the password
Ticket629ASP Error if a recordset field contain caracter ' as last
Ticket444Data field containing ' as last character causes error
Ticket310Character translation
Ticket288Issues with TEREADYWHEN
Ticket162LU Error
Ticket161Interpretation of the vertical bar
Ticket149ISPF screen fails
Ticket1481 byte of bin-zeros added to datastream
Ticket125error encountered when sending "@" to host
Ticket34Getting blank screen after submitting data to host
Ticket21incorrect cursor location
Ticket17TEACTION PUTDATA not resetting cursor position?
Configuration Ticket784Information on load-balancing, redundancy, fail-over
Ticket774no file
Ticket7115250 Keys
Ticket704exit page
Ticket695Log On
Ticket654How to use the provided ActiveX for AID keys
Ticket635Registry Settings
Ticket631controlservice failed (the system cannot find the path specified.)
Ticket614How to get a connection with *ANY working
Ticket562Programatically Connect to Different LU_GROUP
Ticket558Codepage selection not available !
Ticket532User Interface Manager - how to control display?
Ticket527Browser Refresh (Timeout)
Ticket460Can I have smaller & bigger fonts available for IE?
Ticket456Delete keyboard Plug-in and Activex Control options
Ticket453IIS and Screen Surfer on same port (80)
Ticket383SMTP address failure
Ticket342Sessions to Autostart Behavior
Ticket324Keyboard Mappings under browser
Ticket239How about a GUI interface to the registry updates?
Ticket219Where is the FTP dir located?
Ticket185Placement of files
Ticket170Log file configuration
Ticket124memory utilization question
Ticket109Trouble pointing cfsample to my server
Console Operations Ticket803Console not accessible and/or screensurfer crashing
Ticket791Runtime Error displaying details on Netscape sessions
Ticket700Console hangs after clicking StateData
Ticket685Ctrl Key not working
Ticket652Problem with multiple LU_Groups
Ticket628cannot login
Ticket320add logging to secure console functions
Ticket316Number of sessions out of control
Ticket242make console frames-based?
Ticket139addition of screen. variables to State Data
Ticket130What do the Activity #s represent
Ticket126sna trace filename
Ticket111Dr. Watson when "Picture" of inactive session is selected
Ticket84console access to variable pool
Ticket70Multiple sessions
Ticket66Trap in Console for Build 1.3.15c
Ticket57Dr. Watson trying to start console at 1.3.14
Ticket41dr.watson during compile
Contract Issue Ticket142Time based features...
DevCenter Administration Ticket797minor bugs on Active Project Settings page
Ticket795multiple problems with registry front-end
Ticket794help file not found - docs\guide\g_cacheconnect.html
Ticket613Screen Inspector not highlighting selected item on Windows 2000 Workstation
Ticket384wrong target frame used
Ticket243no-templates option for DevCenter?
Ticket218another log management request
Ticket120HelpLink not defined
Ticket118solid loop due to View Screen Recognition RuleBase
Ticket107Granulated security?
Ticket43compile-state flag
Ticket18add timestamp to "compile completed" message
DevCenter Compiling Ticket786Trap errors when compiling
Ticket779sent the compiler into a solid loop
Ticket769Service crashes on startup with IIS hotfix Q293826
Ticket647Compiling destroys variables?
Ticket474compile fall-throughs
Ticket464Memory error in Windows 2000
Ticket427Compile "with trace" message not displayed after compiling
Ticket232Allow duplicate templates in compile list
Ticket215What happened to SS_SetCursor()?
Ticket201comments in a template list file?
Ticket180Javascript placement/Waiting for pop term message
Ticket179How to stop Complier from bolding text
Ticket137accept wildcards in file list
Ticket119compiler failed when application log filled
Ticket97compiler problem
Ticket93Best way to develop while in production
Ticket78stacked compile directories
DevCenter SurferScript Generation Ticket683Right justification of data entry; change order of fields
Ticket550PF Keys Not Generated in the Screen Object Wizard
Ticket506Field-Level Templete Wizard "ReadOnly" TEAREA Tag adds "As" keyword
Ticket410How to set background color at one time?
Ticket194Line Breaks in TEIF causing spacing problems
Documentation Ticket785Please fix HTML tables on certain pieces of doc
Ticket600Links for Registry Entries in SS Documentation
Ticket577No documentation on the SS tags
Ticket539Need Improved Documentation for TEREADYWHEN
Ticket537Toy Mainframe
Ticket505Links were not correct for 1 help file page
Ticket442SS Pricing Info in ASP and CFX Documentation
Ticket430Documentation incomplete for registry key Keying Action Mode
Ticket426Status Recordset ASP Component Documentation
Ticket423TECONNECTED in Wrong Place in Tutorial Solution 3.4
Ticket409Tutorial Lesson 3 Exercise 3.3 Solution Needs TEFORM Tag
Ticket367TextScreen function documentation incorrect
Ticket337Tutorial Documentation Incorrect
Ticket266Add Definition for TERESULT in documentation
Ticket256HTTP log format with associated SS variables
Ticket229Hit Logfile Format?
Ticket217missing "target"
Ticket216provide easy print facility
Ticket140HomeSite and Screensurfer Tags
Ticket52some fix-ups
Evaluation Ticket799TimeOut for evaluation
Ticket793Page Cannot Be Displayed
Ticket783asp request to pooled session
Ticket780radio buttons
Ticket771search screen
Ticket770I need to get an Float
Ticket709Charactere Set
Ticket691New Evaluation Acccess Code
Ticket681reset evaluation period
Ticket677AS/400 error when using streml3270 .
Ticket672132 Column not being sent on STREML3270.
Ticket657Spaces in screen names
Ticket656Global.stml file keeps getting overlaid
Ticket655Unable to connect; RUI Error
Ticket639Field Exit 'not working'
Ticket636More info on Visual Surfer
Ticket633SS blows up with Dr. Watson
Ticket632Want to change bg/fg colors
Ticket561Development - Evaluation
Ticket554URGENT: Need to make lean 3270 passthrough screen for demo on pocket-pc
Ticket552SS fails to properly emulate two column menus
Ticket551AS/400 Sys Req Button only shows on Menu, not on input screen
Ticket545F3, F12 Do not work properly from 'GO' Command
Ticket544SurferScript Error Encountered
Ticket520Having trouble getting TEACTION to fire consistently
Ticket504Garbage text to emulator
Ticket495Multisess interprets SS logon as a new password entry
Ticket435Screen Scraping
Ticket402Usage of variables
Ticket398Screensurfer shutting down abruptly
Ticket395Host Application not changing.
Ticket394Transfering data to the host screen
Ticket391"Your Screen submission was in error. "
Ticket389Back and Forward
Ticket388How to pass html screen variable to host screen?
Ticket334Unable to get SSkeys ActiveX working properly
Ticket329Print Screen
Ticket265Can I serve my .STML files over HTTP to an HTML editor like FrontPage or HomeSite?
Ticket252Multiple 3270 sessions available?
Ticket231Need Y2K Readiness Statement
Ticket228Application error in IELUA at shutdown
Ticket227No Field Exit Key
Ticket221Same problem as #193 but I am using 5250 emulation
Ticket186Unable to navigate from cfsurfer.orbis screen to Orbis screen...return code=2
Ticket99Want latest version
Ticket67Netscape proxy nettwork connection was refused by server
Ticket42You don't even support the function keys!
HTML Generation Ticket802"the columns don't line up"
Ticket798How do I suppress the p.gif width=3 being generated on each line?
Ticket446input box size in IE
Ticket429Autogeneration of the onsubmit in a TEFORM tag
Ticket345Enter not working on screens without least one field
Ticket332Input CLASS=Text ?
Ticket325Finding a field with a screen's string
Ticket291Unwanted char "_" in feild
Ticket277Dash/underscore suppression for 1-byte fields
Ticket248TELOOP/AS CLICKABLE JavaScript= bug?
Ticket247make SSSyncJava (if that's the name) controllable?
Ticket245Can TELOOP be used to make NAMES variable.
Ticket212Form problems
Ticket155Setting the size of input fields
Ticket116Getting 'Line 19. Error: Event is undefined'
Ticket96Detecting use of back button
Ticket91more access to HTML tags needed
Ticket82Including TESECTIONS in frames
Ticket75problems on new server
Ticket68double-field generating
Ticket63hidden field processing
Ticket60ability to globally alter field generation
Ticket50No Sessions Available message
Ticket45use of tabindex on all input fields
Ticket39cache question
Ticket37leading dash suppression doesn't seem to be working
Ticket27onLoad generation
Ticket20invalid field generated, wrong length
Ticket9Need user control of onLoad event
Ticket8Certain 3270 Datastream produces broken HTML
Ticket6How do I reset a frames-driven Screensurfer environment?
Ticket4Can I create a URL that connects a new session directly?
Installation Ticket812IIS 5.0 Hogs the Machine
Ticket778Connection Wizard
Ticket773need new serial number
Ticket714GetServiceHandle failed
Ticket694Can't hit as/400
Ticket686Defining device names
Ticket684Initial loading of Screensurfer
Ticket679CFX_Sufer tag on a remote machine
Ticket678Problem with configuration
Ticket662Deployment into Weblogic 5.1
Ticket650Installation Problem
Ticket607AspSurfer Component
Ticket585GetService Handled Failed
Ticket560Windows 95?
Ticket510Where is the screen surfer server download?
Ticket422Do i have to install screensurfer on each computer
Ticket335Configuring IIS and Surfer Ports
Ticket311The admin console on port 83 not responding
Ticket294GetServiceHandle failed
Ticket292Should I install V2 beta?
Ticket253Upgrading production to new screensurfer server
Ticket198problem with 27e install
Ticket197What's ss13.pdb?
Ticket33Problems with CFX_Surfer Cold Fusion function
Ticket32Cannot run after installing
Ticket2After Installation when I pressed the start button, it said it could not start the service
JavaScript Error Ticket796trying to migrate from 2.05V to 3.01C, javascript problems
Ticket648Trapping window close in Javascript
Ticket625Opening a new window with JavaScript
Ticket590Error Encountered
Ticket110JavaScript Error in IE4
Ticket64Keep getting errors over and over
Missing Product Feature Ticket788Block cursor in lieu of the line cursor
Ticket589Lost F-key buttons
Ticket584Need the ability to concatenate an expression to create a variable
Ticket327Screen timeout should have registry setting
Ticket300extending body Onload()?
Ticket262About making variable declaration mandatory
Ticket261Need to know the URL sent by the browser
Ticket230Issues with server logs
Ticket199ability to track http header variables
Ticket196Ability to append to an existing file
Ticket168log management
Ticket122Need additional HTTP support
Not Categorized Ticket809test
Ticket807New error message after installing fix:
Ticket806NT Scheduler
Ticket805More Nutty Netscape observations - Screen Printing
Ticket804Screensurfer dies on server
Ticket801Function keys plug-in
Ticket800Can't get correct SessionKey
Ticket792communication error
Ticket790communication error with SSurfer.AspRequest
Ticket789Asking for some advice:
Ticket782update records
Ticket768global.stml compared to my own screenglobal.stml
Ticket762Using variables for SS.AddInput area
Ticket760Screen Sessions to the Mainframe
Ticket759Timeouts and Logoff
Ticket757Status of New Release w/Fixes
Ticket756Slow speed of the application:
Ticket755Netscape v6.0 Plugin Installation
Ticket754Checking a variable to see if it is numeric
Ticket753IP Address of the Host
Ticket752Task Variables
Ticket751Enter, Refresh, And Exit Link
Ticket750type Script class Pass-through Area generates NaN>
Ticket749Hidden Fields
Ticket748Session Management Questions
Ticket747Expecting ')' Error on Generate
Ticket746Unable to Generate Multi Row Map
Ticket745Expected ")"
Ticket742ODBC problems:
Ticket740Problems with production version of screeensurfer on server
Ticket739Truncation of Text Literal
Ticket738Screen Object Generation
Ticket737Default pass through for screen object wizard
Ticket736console protection
Ticket733add for TSYS-Total Solutions
Ticket732Screen object wizard not keeping edits
Ticket731Scrn Obj Wiz Class=Passthru, Type=Script
Ticket730Not able to open new ticket from Documentation Window
Ticket729Screen Obj Wiz - Type = Attention and Clicked Question Mark
Ticket728Error message:
Ticket720Scheduling the running of .stml files:
Ticket717Support for multiple SNA Gateways
Ticket715How to move local screensurfer applications to server level
Ticket713add a null value
Ticket710pre-open sessions
Ticket707screen consolidation
Ticket706SS.Field("RetCode") always return 0
Ticket705screensurfer server and iis server
Ticket702macro running
Ticket701Not connected to a screen yet
Ticket699Option for tracing just one session
Ticket697Clear Key or any other PF key
Ticket693ASP did not execute the transation
Ticket692passing the data from ASP to NWRDC
Ticket689Can not connect to target host.
Ticket682Resizing dropdown lists
Ticket676Server-side includes supported?
Ticket674Screen size; can it be enlarged to fill the Screensurfer window?
Ticket668Axtive X automation/dll/API
Ticket665Adding an IP to the Host Access Selection List
Ticket661Cache screens not being loaded
Ticket659session_id prediction
Ticket646CFX_Surfer error
Ticket640Size Limitations on Variables Passed from Cold Fusion
Ticket634Plugin for PFKeys
Ticket626Using PF9
Ticket621Need to move cursor to fields which are not entry fields
Ticket619Slow response time from workstations
Ticket618Subsidiary windows not displaying correctly in 132 column
Ticket615Device Name; attn keys; data transfer
Ticket612Error Handling
Ticket609Problem using TEREADYWHEN with StrictBufferCount
Ticket606Any issues Developing on Windows 2000 Desktop
Ticket603IP Address of Harvard Library System
Ticket5925250 Display Screens
Ticket591Moving Surfer Scripts to production
Ticket587Stress Test
Ticket576New Releases
Ticket569ScreenTimeout/Strict Recognition
Ticket568ASP Requester Execute method timeout
Ticket563ManageSessions Function--Reference Ticket 142
Ticket557Toy Mainframe GoTo Error
Ticket555Control file Compiler Error
Ticket549Program crashes in AS/400 Demo System
Ticket548TN3270E conetions
Ticket547Code Pages on EBCDIC Host
Ticket542Are you supporting TN5250E
Ticket540AS/400 Access
Ticket538Application Error
Ticket535Object Requested
Ticket528Aid Keys
Ticket523home page link of screensurfer
Ticket514use of database
Ticket513SMTP-Error while opening connection
Ticket509Error Code = 10057
Ticket508Concurrent user issue
Ticket503Can not download trial version
Ticket500screensurfer doesn't work anymore
Ticket499Toy Mainframe hanging
Ticket497application support
Ticket492calling some executable from your product.
Ticket491Splash Screen
Ticket489Check Boxes
Ticket488Application Errors in Frames
Ticket481SSL HELP---URGENT!!!!!
Ticket478how can I type the @ character
Ticket477Post button instead of the Test button displayed in ASP Wizard
Ticket476Not able to download Screen Surfer
Ticket475goto statement
Ticket473Screensurfer Folder Closes After Executing SS Control
Ticket472How can you close the Session when the Browser is closed
Ticket471How can we give onunload event in expression
Ticket462GetSession not working properly
Ticket461More coding problems!!!
Ticket455Time Based Functions- Reference Ticket 142
Ticket448How to Find Active Sessions
Ticket447Report Error
Ticket443IP Addresses and other questions
Ticket440Time Driven Events
Ticket436How do I get started using the product?
Ticket428Same Problem as Reference Ticket 397
Ticket425Does Screensurfer support VT220 Terminal emulation ?
Ticket421Global.Stml file for Ticket #420
Ticket411Object not found while using Exercise42.stml
Ticket387Screen Transition: Http Thread: ERROR
Ticket386COM access to Screensurfer
Ticket381Errors after SSL
Ticket354Usage of Screen Surfer
Ticket352Error message after install "GetServiceHandle Failed"
Ticket349HTML Logging
Ticket344Timeout problem
Ticket336Notification of new Builds and Releases ?
Ticket326SSL configuration
Ticket313Using function Web. to send Parameters
Ticket309"Bad Image" during install
Ticket307Compatiblity with Visual Basic 6.0
Ticket297How to end session and redirect to another page
Ticket295How do I change the background color of the screen
Ticket283Generate a NOOP HTML after RELEASE ?
Ticket273HTTP logging
Ticket195Writing to diskfile
Ticket183Porbelm Connecting to SNA Server
Ticket154Screensurfer crashes when doing compile
Ticket105Missing Key
Ticket79compiler crash
Ticket76Can PC function keys be mapped to host PF Keys ?
Ticket40invalid screen buffer overwrite
Ticket29The Support Button in the console isn't logging me on!
Ticket28minor bug in new surfer.exe
Ticket25compiler question/problem
Ticket23add categories in SupportCenter
Ticket22WEBTOSCREEN seems to be doing more than it should?
Ticket16SupportCenter Suggestion
Ticket14SupportCenter suggestion
ODBC Support Ticket817DBSelect is causing a trap
Ticket811Stored Procedures
Ticket761Query causes screensurfer crash
Ticket741 Script Interpreter Error
Ticket669Leaving Idle Processes In SQL 6.5
Ticket642ODBC call with parameter fails, hard coded call doesn't.
Ticket565Any way to pass in the Database name to Screensurfer
Ticket340Manual Commit with compiler version 1.03.28e
Ticket339Manual Commit with compiler version 1.03.28e
Ticket331Calling Oracle Stored Procedures
Ticket258ODBC Error
Ticket83Parameterizing datasource
Ticket48No rows returned when re-TEFETCH with parameter
Ticket47DBSELECT with text parameter marker
Ticket5What happens when a database comes-down for maintenance?
Purchase Ticket531Need New Key
Ticket151Where does the new installation key go?
Screen Recognition Ticket643Capturing Screen Transition Errors
Ticket255STML Ordering
Ticket192Problems with screen navigation
Ticket26can you have multiple TECONNECTEDs?
Ticket7Screen Not Recognized
SNA Protocol Ticket588Capability of Screen Surfer
Ticket479Reversed Vidio / Extended Attribute
Ticket56[attn] mnemonic not working
Ticket12Using TESECTION for alternate frame causing problem?
SNA Server Connect Ticket604Can't get past LU_LINK_ACTIVATING
Ticket450Internal LU session state error
Ticket322Exception errors when trying to establish SNA server connection from browser
Ticket173Security Issues, Coming from an other product's session
Ticket11Users getting "No Sessions Available"
Special Variables Ticket617Unable to pass password correctly
Ticket399Change help for screen.usererror and create new task. variable
Ticket372Using Key [page down]
Ticket315TESET/TESHOW before connect
Ticket293Using variable that are not passed by URL.
Ticket259Please expand screen.activeuser
Ticket233abilty to create a new 'session' variable in TESECTION
Ticket127screen.HostWritesExpected not always reset
Ticket102location of "Silent" settings
SupportCenter Ticket637Starting a new Application
Ticket580tutorial exercise 3.3
Ticket564Cursor as BLOCK not LINE
Ticket419Version is backlevel
Ticket287To everyone: a user forum?
Ticket240sort-by buttons?
Ticket133inclusion of ticket title in email response
Ticket129Last Updated date doesn't seem to ever change
Ticket98browse by number
SurferScript Ticket810A form and an enter
Ticket724Upgrading from Version 2 to V3
Ticket719EJB Session Management
Ticket687Way to specify Newline or CR?
Ticket664Displaying a variable in an alert box
Ticket627TeReadyWhen syntax
Ticket582mainframe program misinterprets data entered through script?
Ticket533search for unprotected (input) fields on screen
Ticket511TEACTION KEY for Escape (Esc) key
Ticket463Emailing Spanish Accented Characters
Ticket459Multi-part Transactions
Ticket445smtp timeout
Ticket439Screensurfer ASP returns "NULL"
Ticket424Problem setting value of constant with Function
Ticket382Warning needed for mis-spelled tags
Ticket380Screen Transistion Error
Ticket379 Surferscript Does not Function Correctly
Ticket364ADO Field Lengh Problem
Ticket347TELOOP Bug
Ticket323Multiple host sessions
Ticket303Variables deleted on /surfer/exit?
Ticket285Using hyperlink to advance to next screen
Ticket280How can I take advantage of drop-down list boxes and radio buttons as input types for host data fields?
Ticket278Repeat command after n seconds
Ticket275Using time and date for conditionals
Ticket272SurferScript code bracketing
Ticket264Suppress ASP "base record" display
Ticket260Problems combining multiple screens into 1 page.
Ticket254Determining last AID key pressed and ScreenID
Ticket246What about an event log interface?
Ticket238Converting text to float
Ticket226Task.WebWritten and WEBTOSCREEN strangeness
Ticket225Using TESHOW in FileExists not working?
Ticket223File exists syntax and accessing tranpath value
Ticket208Way to link to static file and then back to Screensurfer session without TRANPATH?
Ticket207Way to test if file exists on test server?
Ticket206DATETIME variable not available?
Ticket202Section time_out execution
Ticket190Create JavaScript Info box if TEDATA = "Not Found"
Ticket187Compile error on TEIF in TELOOP
Ticket184Way to make one screen into 2 different pages?
Ticket182How to create a link that ends session and goes to page
Ticket164BREAKONBLANK problem
Ticket156multi-frame access to variable pool?
Ticket138invalid excecution
Ticket115WEBTOSCREEN breaks cursor location
Ticket94built-in screen definition for blank screen
Ticket90something seems to have broken
Ticket88nice-to-have features
Ticket61webtoscreen problem
Ticket46FindNextBold doesn't return -1 if none
SurferScript Functions Ticket767TextLeft comparison problem after a large string assignment
Ticket765FindText returns -1 when looking for text past 500 characters
Ticket663Passing parameters to a Surfer Function
Ticket598Texttrim Results
Ticket567Write A Full Screen of Data At One Time
Ticket485Sending PF key Using SendKeys and Back Button issue with IE 4
Ticket433Concatenating Variables / TextMid()
Ticket302Default quick-and-dirty emulator?
Ticket269Undocumented 600-character limit in string functions evaluation
Ticket268add TextCapitalize
Ticket241Trouble with TEACTION RELEASE
Ticket205Number of parameters exceeds maximum count of 100!
Ticket200Changing value of Step within TELOOP not working?
Ticket181Possible to submit a form with input type=image?
Ticket123FieldIsEntry problem
Ticket89Positioning a cursor to a specific screen location
SurferScript Tracing Ticket572Screensurfer Not Timing Out
Ticket363how can I get rid of this warning?
Ticket117any chance of a screen recognition trace?
TEIF Expressions Ticket766String comparison problem
Ticket299This generates a 770 compiler error, why?
Ticket244Attempting to get the SELECTED option within a selection drop down
Ticket44Dr. Watson, runtime during template trace
Ticket10Compound TEIF (using AND) not working correctly
TN3270 Connection Ticket814Session Reuse problem
Ticket781How does one acquire a session that was RELEASEd with KEEPOPEN?
Ticket722Need to pass information to/from mainframe database
Ticket698TN3270E Service Error 511
Ticket645CFX_Surfer error
Ticket583Leading "-" characters removed when editing an MVS dataset
Ticket530lost mainframe sessions
Ticket515Data Stream Protocol Problem
Ticket501Designating LU Pools
Ticket480Problem connecting to a specific LU in the SNA TN3270 service
Ticket457Internal Communications error with SSurfer.AspRequest
Ticket449 Default asp page location
Ticket4343270 Keyboard emulation error
Ticket431Way to analyze concurrent sessions?
Ticket412Connect to local MF emulator 3270
Ticket403TEACTION CONNECT unnecessary delay
Ticket401Pen support
Ticket400Printing Session
Ticket373When connecting via TN3270 it does not pass input to first screen
Ticket371Have a problem with conexion
Ticket346user authorization failure
Ticket3303270E connection?
Ticket317errors using TCP/MVS at OS/390 R2.5
Ticket312Trapping TN_REJ_DEVICE-IN-USE
Ticket250session dropping?
Ticket204Session Range Setting
Ticket203Connection speed bottleneck
Ticket147migration to tn3270 is causing failures
Ticket135Host Port Setup
Ticket95Controlling Number of Sessions
Ticket86Screen not consistent with session...
Ticket85"Not connected to a screen yet..."message shows up even when connected
Ticket80Getting 'Unable to get Servicehandle' message
Ticket53Does Screensurfer Support Terminal Model 4 (43X80)?
Ticket19TN3270E connection not working
Troubleshooting Ticket772ASPSURFER ERROR
Ticket735Thrid App. on Screen Surfer
Ticket726Netscape can degrade system performance
Ticket712signon screen
Ticket658Problem with DROPHOST/RESTART
Ticket630Missing Characters
Ticket622Having problem disconnect from Screen Surfer
Ticket611Screensurfer Timing Out Sessions and Crashing
Ticket610IELUA.EXE Crash
Ticket597Screensurfer Divide By Zero Error in Error
Ticket595Error in Application Event Log
Ticket579Screen Transition Not Working on RM006
Ticket578New release of AspSurfer.dll Testing
Ticket573Connection Error Message in Event Viewer
Ticket571CICS/IMS Truncating Numeric Fields
Ticket559ALT and F4 to close window
Ticket553can not run demo
Ticket512TEresult row now capturing all variables
Ticket417Access via Web Site
Ticket376Using Enter Key
Ticket350Getting HTTP 404 from Netscape on /surfer/connect/...
Ticket348Demo to Yale from ASP SSurfer.ASPRequest doesn't work
Ticket318requested trace enhancements
Ticket289SSL compatibility with IIS 4
Ticket279Invalid data returned by HTTP Post
Ticket271ASP Session variables -- lost during transition
Ticket263Asp Object Error
Ticket257No Response when clicking aid keys or pressing enter on logon screen.
Ticket251Blank Page returning from use of form URL from swept session
Ticket236ManageSessions("sweep","") not working
Ticket235Response time limit from mainframe?
Ticket222Internal Error - C0000005
Ticket220Timeout not working
Ticket213Not accepting [enter]
Ticket211Session Not Valid error
Ticket209'<' Operator - Incorrect Implementation?
Ticket193Input field not being mapped properly
Ticket191http logging
Ticket189Areas where users are getting kicked out of the application
Ticket188Progress on SSL for IIS 4.0
Ticket178SurferScript access to entire variable pool?
Ticket177SSL configuration
Ticket174IE 3.0 JScript Error
Ticket172Printing a page
Ticket171Blank page
Ticket163Error: ACC731E No LU available in LU pool
Ticket141provide more detail on the following message
Ticket136Invalid HTTP request?
Ticket132identify user in event log messages
Ticket128TEFIND failures
Ticket121Same Error over and over over
Ticket113Session key
Ticket112Error when executing cfx
Ticket101ielua not working -- more problems
Ticket100ielua not working
Ticket55When POST is clicked, ielua abend
Ticket36Combining Multiple Forms into Single Page
Ticket24Does your product handle double sends to the screen?
Ticket15Templates trace broken
URL Not Working Ticket608Connecting to Port 83 requires Login
Ticket328File not found
Variable Declaration Ticket649Changing variable lengths during a session
Ticket644Local Variable's confussed across templates
Ticket498Variables and Performance efficiency
Ticket290Variable declaration changes
Ticket276Row Variable additions
Ticket270Arrays in SurferScript
Ticket234How to set session variable equivalant to a javascript variable