Ticket #269 ( Closed )

Short Description Undocumented 600-character limit in string functions evaluation
Entered By: Sandro When: 1999-03-12 02:43:21 Build: 1.03.28e
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript Functions
Several SurferScript string functions (e.g. TextMid, TextScreen) appear to be limited to a 600-character string length. A function call like TextMid(S,1000,100) returns an empty string even when S is longer than 1000 characters and a function call like TextMid(S,550,100) returns only 50 characters even when S is longer than 600 characters. We already signaled this problem as regarding the TextScreen function (that is thus incapable to read the whole 3270 screen in one call), and the suggested workaround was to concatenate several calls of the same function from different starting points, into a single text variable. You said that problem would get fixed in a subsequent, imminent build, but the latest build now available on line (T1.3.28T) still has the bug. This bug is yet worse in the case of the TextMid function, making it impossible to retrieve the contents of a long string other than as a whole.