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Short Description Screen Scraping
Entered By: jackie.pillsbury@twcable.com When: 2000-02-04 15:13:04 Build: 2.0.6F
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I have looked thru the documentation and am throughtly 
confused.   i have the links set up to my 3270 emulation.  
I go into the devcenter.  Now what.  I need step by step.  
I am understanding the scripting in the html examples but 
how do I use it.   Can the 3270 screen be completly 
eliminated from the web site and all the customer sees is a 
page with input fields?  When I get a response back from 
3270 can I have it on a web page?   Help Please  These are 
problably simple questions, but I am confused be the 
documentation.   Thanks. 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-02-04 16:08:44  New Status: Pending Customer

To better guide you, please can you describe your goals-- 
are you trying to set-up an emulation environment, or are 
you trying to implement a few transactions where the user 
sees a page you've created, enters a request and the answer 
comes from your mainframe screen applications?

If the latter, how many transactions and how many host 
screens are involved?

Have you been reading the Tutorial, or have you been looking 
at the documentation only?

Sorry for the confusion--Screensurfer is a very flexible 
product which is used for many different purposes, so it is 
hard to focus the documentation on a single one of those...