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Short Description TEREADYWHEN
Entered By: Marie When: 2000-06-20 15:37:20 Build: 2.0.6F
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Can you give me a more detailed explanation of how to use 
TEREADYWHEN than is given in the documentation?

I want to use this screen when logging on to the 
appropriate application after connecting to the host 
server.  After viewing the trace file, I see that the 
transmissions aren't always the same ie. Sometimes I will 
recieve a blank screen before I recieve the screen that I 

I believe I will have to use TEREADYWHEN 
with 'strictrecognition'.  I don't understand what the 
below sentence is trying to tell me (I cut and past this 
directly from the documentation).

"A Screen recognition ID and criteria as with the Screen 
event Section. You may specify more than one screen id, so 
that the next screen transition can result in more than one 
potential screen (potential errors)."

Questions I have.

1.  What are you referring to when you say "Screen 
recognition ID and criteria as with the Screen event 

2.  does '