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Short Description ALT and F4 to close window
Entered By: alexd@kubota.co.uk When: 2000-07-11 05:58:47 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
How do I enable the ActiveX control to allow users to press 
ALT and F4 to close the browser window when they are on the 
AS400 logon page BUT not any other screen. We are using 
5250 emulation and have recently purchased this product. 
The Function keys have recently been implemented but we are 
still having problems with some of them.

Alex Dymott
Kubota (UK) Ltd
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-11 06:55:23  New Status: Pending Customer

Since Alt-F4 is the Windows accelerator for window close, 
I'm not sure we can trap it--with IE5, I believe it might be 
possible to trap it as an onclose event of the window, but 
am not sure.

If implemented from the keyboard side (as opposed to the 
onclose side), you will still have the exposure of someone 
closing from the X in the upper right.

Note that implementing an active timeout can enable you to 
recover sessions as well as logoff a user in a 
global.timeout section.

Active timeouts are enabled using a timer driven section 
such as:

<tesection monitor
  when timeinterval is 60> <!-- every minute -->
<teshow ManageSessions("sweep","")>

The above will actively sweep once a minute for any sessions 
that have been idle for the amount of time specified in 
the Admin Console Settings page.
Append By: alexd@kubota.co.uk  When: 2000-07-11 07:03:30  New Status: Pending IE
The browser is displayed full screen so they have no IE 
controls available including the "x" in the top right hand 
corner. The ALT + F4 button doesn't work as screensurfer 
takes control of the browser, as I have been told.
Append By: alexd@kubota.co.uk  When: 2000-07-11 07:10:20  New Status: Pending IE
Also, how and where would I implement this global.timeout 
Append By: alexd@kubota.co.uk  When: 2000-07-12 11:56:33  New Status: Closed
All Ok now.

I have modified global.stml so that when on the logon 
screen only, a butoon shows that perfoms the javascript 
window.close function