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Short Description ASP Session variables -- lost during transition
Entered By: gaucho When: 1999-03-15 16:32:59 Build: 1.03.28V
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For some reason, i am losing ASP session variables when i make a call from an ASP page to screensurfer then return to the same ASP page.

Here's the flow:

LogIn Page(index.asp):
   Validate login from db then set db values to 
         Session variables. 
  IF okay, 
    set Session("StudentID") = rs("StudentID")
    Redirect to Schedule.asp

    if Session("StudentID")="" then
       Redirect to index.asp
       Display Schedule page with values from access db.
       if Student Chooses to update schedule, click on 
       Update Schedule button.
       Update Schedule:
           Call Screensurfer on same machine but different
           port (82) navigate through screens to schedule 
           screen. Write values access db then Redirect to 
    End if
This is where the problem is:

When I redirect to Schedule.asp, Session("StudentID") is checked if it exists. It doesn't exist. I did a res

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-03-15 17:51:04  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Will investigate tomorrow-- will try to reproduce and audit all uses of session variables in the AspSurfer component.

Generally, this component is based on Visual Studio-generated code, and we haven't really done anything with session variables although we have the methods available to access them...but maybe if we say we're interested we NEED to do something.

Also, I don't think this component has been compiled under latest Service Pack to VStudio- so we will try to reproduce the session variable "whack", then see what we need to do to make it go away.

Append By: gaucho  When: 1999-03-15 18:09:56  New Status: Closed
Comment thanks.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-03-16 18:01:25  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment As many times can happen in the "software support game", we couldn't reproduce this with the distributed AspRequest object.

I took the "AspSurfer Test Page" (SurfTest.asp) and updated it so that looks like this around the call to SS:

<% Session("TestVar")="Hello" %>
<% Set SS = Server.CreateObject("SSurfer.AspRequest")
   SS.AddInput "Bozo","Hello there I'm Bozo!..." 
   SS.AddInput "Greta","That Bozo is such a cad, + 
               is like a 50% solution!"
   SS.AddInput "Poncy","500"
   SS.Execute "Surfer/Details" 
The "Hello" displays just fine, as well as in another copy of the H2 block at the very bottom of the page...could there be something else going on, or maybe can you e-mail to surfer@ieinc.com the ASP page that is experiencing the "blackout" of session variables?
Append By: gaucho  When: 1999-03-16 18:47:31  New Status: Closed
Comment Actually, the way you did it above would work. However, the Session variables are lost after redirecting from screen surfer. Per our phone conversation, I tried looking at some other possible causes, ie., look at the cache, and etc. Miraculously enough, what i did was i deleted the values from my Access table, restarted the machine, and lo and behold, it works again! I don't know what caused it but it's working now. Thanks for the prompt help!