Ticket #499 ( Closed )

Short Description Toy Mainframe hanging
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2000-04-17 12:21:11 Build: 2.0.7A
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Not Categorized
when using the toy mainframe the billing screen will just 
hang..  it works fine one day and then the next it keeps 
hanging on the billing screen. i tried looking at the trace 
file but nothing was shown for the click on the continue 
button.  if you were to stop it and then open it up in the 
dev center and push the continue button again it will move 
on to the next screen..   i'll also send the script and my 
billing template..  could you look over this and let me 
know if you see anything funny..  i thought maybe it was 
getting caught in the handler so i coded for the pf4 at the 
very beginning but that didn't seem to work either..     
let me know what you see..  thanks..
if you could let me know as soon as possible that would be 
great..  i need to send the new script out to someone today 
so it can be used for a sales presentation.  let me know if 
you have any questions.  
Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2000-04-17 18:08:08  New Status: Pending Customer
I ran thru the add order process and all was fine.  I also 
ran thru the change order process and all was fine as 
well.  I did notice that in the change order process you 
have .setcursor statements in the flow of changing an order 
and the screens are protected.  Try removing the .setcursor 
statements on the screens where there is no default cursor 
positioning and try again...
Append By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com  When: 2000-04-18 16:33:46  New Status: Pending IE
this problem may not occur the first time you run through 
and order.  maybe try to enter a number of orders.  like i 
said, it is sporadic and won't hang one time but the next 
it will.  is there a way to force it to the next screen so 
there is no way to hang or would there be a setting on his 
laptop that could cause this..