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Short Description Plugin for PFKeys
Entered By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us When: 2000-11-16 16:01:23 Build: 2.0.6F
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I am having trouble getting the keyboard PF keys to work.  I  
downloaded the SSKEYCTRL plugin from Netscape (or so I 
think) but it still doesn't work.  I am not totally postive 
that anything was downloaded as I can't find it on my 
machine.  I get the 
                                    PlugIn Keyboard
                                    Control is active:
                                     Function keys
                                      should now
                                    work as terminal
message when I click on Keyboard Plugin dropdown on the 
keypad.  I also searched the Netscape site for the plugin 
but couldn't find it.  Please point me in the right 
dirction.  Thanks.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-11-16 16:09:44  New Status: Pending Customer
The Plugin isn't on the Netscape site--it is on 
your site...in the /screensurfer/hostserver/docs 
directory--it is installed from the Screensurfer machine.

Also, are you using Netscape as your browser (just 

When you say you did the download, do you mean that you went 
through the install, with the certificate check and the "OK" 
on installing the plug-in?

If so, the plug-in should be working--but I guess when you 
press F1 you get the Netscape help instead of the Host PF1 
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2000-11-16 16:54:53  New Status: Pending IE
I apologize for taking your time.  I didn't realize that my 
C (where Netscape is installed) is full, that's probably why 
it didn't work.  I did get the warning message but didn't 
think to check it out before I posted this problem.
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2000-11-16 17:11:58  New Status: Pending IE
I cleaned up my c drive and actually got the certificate 
screen and clicked on the ok button but the keyboard pf 
keys still do not work, not even the pf3 key which worked 
before.  The JSSKeys class file is in the Netscape Plugin 
directory. (I get Netscape help instead of the host help). 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-11-16 17:40:42  New Status: Pending Customer
You might want to start fresh, ensuring that:

A) The screensurfer session is closed
B) Your Netscape process is gone (all sessions exited)

Then, try with a fresh copy of each, select the keyboard 
control and see if it works then.

If not, what is your Netscape version and build?

You may also want to try editing the personal.stml file in 
\screensurfer\hostserver\templates and follow the 
instructions on the top for "defaulting" the keyboard 
control to see if that helps.

Sorry if there are some issues--I'm afraid Netscape isn't as 
common these days and we have been spending most of our time 
on IE issues/solutions!  I am typing this into a Netscape 
browser, though...
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2000-11-17 11:58:19  New Status: Pending IE
I tried with fresh copies of SS and Netscape both inside the 
dev center and from the web gateway home page.  I also 
changed personal.stml as instructed in the comments and it 
still doesn't work.  I am using Netscape Communicator 4.7.  

Appreciate your assistance.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-11-17 12:09:41  New Status: Pending Customer
Please try the latest version of the plug-in, which you can 
copy into your plug-ins folder from:


We would have updated the jar, but our certificate ran-out 
:( and it took a while to get an update from VeriSign.

Thank you for your patience!
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2000-11-17 12:42:37  New Status: Pending IE
I downloaded it to the Netscape Plugin folder and still no 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-11-17 12:51:16  New Status: Pending Customer
Don't forget to kill all your Netscape instances so that the 
DLL gets refreshed...although I guess you needed to do that 
in order to replace the DLL...

IF that doesn't work, then please stop banging your head on 
this one, as there is obviously something-up with NS4.7 and 
the plugin that is our responsibility to reproduce and fix.

At this point, I'm afraid we will need to impose a 1 week 
wait on you, as the Plugin author is buried on another 
project, and is on vacation all of next week.

However, on Monday, November 27, this is the first item on 
his list...can you wait until that time to test this 
feature?  I can assure you we have an excellent track record 
of doing what we say on the support side, it's just that 
this is a tough week to get fixes in.

Meanwhile, you can see how the keyboard support works if you 
use MS IE, as the core of our NS Plugin and our MS ActiveX 
control is identical...
Append By: aid9079@mail.idpa.state.il.us  When: 2000-11-17 14:44:15  New Status: Pending IE
It does work in IE.  Waiting a week is no big deal.  I am 
evaluating SS and have many other features to explore.  
Besides I am only on the timeclock for two days next week.  
So far I like what I see and the tech support is a huge 
plus.  Very nice.  Until 11/27....