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Short Description screensurfer server and iis server
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Do I have to install screensurfer server and iis server on 
one machine? can I install them on seperate machine? if 
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Sorry for the delay in responding.  We have experienced 
some problems in the SupportCenter due to the large number 
of actions that have been mis-indexed.

Yes, you can install Screensurfer and IIS on the same 
machine.  If Screensurfer is on port 82 or a different port 
than 80 this is never an issue.

Screensurfer can run on one machine IP address and IIS on 
another--on NT4, no problem...you configure your card with 
multiple IP addresses, tell IIS to listen on one, and 
Screensurfer on the other (update registry entry 

If on Windows/2000, please reference MS knowledge base 
article Q259349 (msdn.microsoft.com), which tells you about 
IIS5.0 wanting to listen to all IP addresses--to suppress 
this you disable socket pooling in IIS as follows: 

At a command prompt, switch to 
the "C:\InetPub\AdminScripts" folder.

Type the following command: