Ticket #380 ( Closed )

Short Description Screen Transistion Error
Entered By: dcrawford@yalesecurity.com When: 1999-09-02 14:24:37 Build: 2.0.4 SGA
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript
I have been receiving screen transition errors, which appear to be related to a Screen.DefaultReadyState of ignoreempywrites. The screens that I have to deal with do not appear to be sending a screen that is recognized has having been changed, after the first [enter]. This is a function of the CICS transaction themselves.

The Screensurfer template then apparently hibernates for the duration of the ScreenTimeout setting before proceeding. I received a suggestion the other day to increase the timeout to 60000 or 60 seconds. All that does is cause the hibernation period to increase, thus delaying processing further. In my experiments, reducing the timeout to 2500ms dramatically improves performance, but is only masking the real problem.

I have mailed a session log file and the template trace for a session in which this error occurs. I am also mailed the template itself. I have been experimenting, but have not come to a solution. Please review these attachm