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Short Description goto statement
Entered By: mhayton@realmed.com When: 2000-03-03 14:20:04 Build: 2.0.7B
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the following errors were not found by the compiler:
<go to my_section>
should have been:
<teaction goto my_section>

should have been:
<tesection my_section>

is this syntax somehow acceptable?  I wouldn't think so, 
but the compiler should have found it as an error...
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-03-03 15:37:08  New Status: Pending Customer
Unfortunately, for the compiler to catch every error of this 
nature would require that all HTML tags known to work in any 
environment would have to be encoded in the compiler.

For example, the compiler would have to know that a tag of 
<my_section> was an invalid tag only by knowing that it 
wasn't a valid tag in any syntax.  

Note that once XML is introduced into consideration, ANY tag 
is valid...which means there is no way for the compiler to 
identify a tag as NOT valid...

Unlike other formal computing languages, HTML is open and 
this in-turn prevents the SurferScript compiler from 
catching syntax/spelling/keying errors like these...