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Short Description IP Addresses and other questions
Entered By: gaucho When: 2000-02-08 13:02:24 Build: 2.0.7A GA
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Hi Bill,

Its me again, and it is that time of the academic quarter 
where the sessions begin skyrocketing and the errors begin.

First of all, the new build, 2.0.7A GA, has been installed 
on the production machine.  At this time, we still can't 
see the REAL IP addresses due to SSL.  We were able to see 
the IP's on the Development (which doesn't have SSL), but 
not on the production.  Not that its a huge problem but it 
is more of a nice feature.

Anyway, we're going to start having some problems with 
sessions (please refer to reference ticket #428).  What can 
I do to help you in decifering this problem?  What kind of 
information can I gather during this high usage period that 
would aid in the process of solving this timeout function?  

Thanks for all you help!!!!  :)
Chuck Kang
Student Information Systems
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-02-14 09:35:23  New Status: Pending Customer
Check your SURFPROX.DLL file date-- current build has the 
REAL IP addresses being forwarded to Screensurfer, so that 
you should see the right ones in the log, with the right 

We have you on a high priority list right now for analysis 
of everything you've sent so far.

We will probably suggest some ODBC logging to stick into the 
timeout section in order to track each timeout statistically 
so that we can isolate where the problem is.

Will keep you posted over the next couple of days.

Append By: gaucho  When: 2000-02-14 13:54:35  New Status: Pending IE
Hi Bill,

Where can I find the default location for SURFPROX.DLL?

I've done a search on all the drives on our development 
machine, but can't seem to locate it.  Is this something 
that should have been implemented when installing 
Screensurfer?  Is this a file that is only necessary for 

I've actually found it on our production machine, but can't 
locate it on our development machine. . .

Any info on this would be great.

Thanks again,

Chuck Kang
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-02-14 13:59:14  New Status: Pending Customer
It is probably not on your development machine because you 
don't have the SSL filter on that machine--SurfProx.DLL is 
actually the SSL filter...(!)

The one you found on your production machine is probably the 
only one you have.

The latest is available from 
Append By: gaucho  When: 2000-04-10 19:25:07  New Status: Closed
We were able to get everything in order with the SSL.

Thanks again,