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Short Description Any issues Developing on Windows 2000 Desktop
Entered By: James Peterson When: 2000-09-07 14:05:51 Build: 2.0.6F
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We will be deploying using Windows NT 4.0 SERVERS, but our 
development workstations will be converted from Windows NT 
4.0 to Windows2000 and IE 5.5. Any issues in doing this?
Our deployed desktops will also be Windows2000 workstations.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-09-07 14:10:49  New Status: Pending Customer
Earlier this year we needed to fix a minor memory leak which 
caused problems on W2K--other than that we haven't had any 
real issues running on it.

The install program works fine (a problem with many 
products) because we don't touch anything in the winnt 
system directory during installation.

We will also support you if you encounter any issues with 
W2K--we have a W2k server in our lab waiting to 
reproduce/fix/diagnose any issues you may encounter.
Append By: James Peterson  When: 2000-09-08 15:25:34  New Status: Closed
Thanks for the input.