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Short Description compiler question/problem
Entered By: PeteL When: 1998-05-14 09:19:27 Build: 1.03.10a
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this may or may not be a problem. Recently there was a change made that was supposed to do some post-compile fixup if there were overlapping screen definitions that could cause problems. This excerpt from the recogtree shows that this may not be happening, at least not thoroughly: <p> Screen_1_2 is "AMLM"?Execute/Put zip.ammm_amlm Screen_1_2 is "AML"? Screen_1_5 is "S"? Screen_1_5 is "R"? etc.
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Comment Oops--you almost have the html formatting, but you escaped your paragraph tag when you should have just entered it!

Anyway, while having the longer string evaluate on its own is not as optimal as off of the subtree, this situation will not result in any missed or inaccurate recognitions, so it wasn't addressed...could be in the future purely as an optimization.

The fix that was put in addresses the situation where the shorter starting strings are evaluated before the longer string-- in that case, the longer string has to be made part of the "short string node" or the longer string will never be evaluated.