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Short Description What's ss13.pdb?
Entered By: gaucho When: 1998-10-30 11:34:53 Build: 1.03.27c
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Installation
I just downloaded the 27c version but before i install it, what's ss13.pdb? and should that be unzipped in the bin directory also?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-10-30 11:42:31  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment SS13.PDB is debug information for the new build--we recently have moved to creating two files for the deliverable, one that is the executable, and the other that has diagnostic information that Dr. Watson would be interested in...yes, put it into the \bin directory.
Append By: gaucho  When: 1998-10-30 11:44:58  New Status: Closed
Comment thanks.