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Short Description TN3270E Service Error 511
Entered By: RMoran When: 2001-03-16 14:53:37 Build: 3.0.0K
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: TN3270 Connection
OK, here's the situation.  My company has a site in Tempe, 
AZ and another one in Columbus, GA.  Our SNA Server and 
mainframes are located in Columbus.  Our web complex is in 

If Screensurfer is installed on a machine/server in 
Columbus and pointed to the SNA box in Columbus, making a 
TN3270 connection, everything works fine.  However, if the 
machine is located in Tempe and attempts the same 
connection with the exact same code, a TN3270E Service 
Error is returned as follows:

 TN3270E Service Error 511

 Telnet negotiation failure:  client did not send a valid  
configured TN3270 terminal type.

I have sent templates.log and SurfDiag.Log to surfer@ie.com 
for you to look over.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-03-19 13:03:56  New Status: Pending Customer
Sorry for the delay in answering this--there was a mixup on 
handling the ticket.

The logs are fairly simple in showing that the terminal 
type being presented (3278-2) is not acceptable.

Please try to use the Connection Wizard available from the 
Host Access Page and play with the the TN3270E terminal 
types until you find one that works.

Then, you use the Console Settings Page--Registry Settings 
to change the terminal type to the one you find is OK.
Append By: RMoran  When: 2001-03-21 07:30:17  New Status: Pending IE
I've finished changing around the terminal type in the 
Connection Wizard and it hasn't worked (I tried every 
combination).  I'm still getting the 511 error.  

Is there anything else I can try within Screensurfer to fix 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-03-21 08:36:23  New Status: Pending Customer
This is now like shooting in the dark.

There could even be a misconfiguration on the SNA Server 
side making it impossible to connect (no terminal type 
allowed?).  Next step is to have the configuration of the 
TN3270 service on SNA server checked to find-out what 
terminal type IS valid.

A note on the log--the TN3270 server is using plain TN3270 
rather than TN3270E (extended)--there may be something that 
could be done in the configuration of the server to raise 
the level of support to TN3270E, and that might improve the