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Short Description Possible to submit a form with input type=image?
Entered By: Michael - Charleston When: 1998-10-14 09:48:46 Build: 1.03.07A
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Hi, Up until now I have been using HREF="JavaScript:funct()" to submit a form with a text or image link (instead of creating HTML submit buttons) in Screensurfer. However, I just noticed that when Screensurfer creates a default page it uses the image "vaid.gif" as an input type=image to submit the form based on where the graphic was clicked. Can we use this convention or does the program that processes the form only accept this submit method from the default?
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-10-14 09:58:59  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Screensurfer has built-in support for three images with server-side mapping of the clicks. These three images are the three current keyboard gif options you can embed in a form, using the TEMACRO TERMFORMVKEYS (vertical, with 2 options) or TEMACRO TERMFORMEND (horizontal).

Since these are server-side interpreted, and provide specific input names, you can't really use them. The way you have been creating links or clickable gifs is really the only way to submit a form properly using a gif or link (probably with SurferSubmit("[enter]") or whatever key the gif represents.

You can also create client-side gif maps, but these will also need to use the SurferSubmit as a target. One nice thing about this technique is that the buttons/gifs can be in another frame and/or outside the Screensurfer screen form.