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Short Description 132 Column not being sent on STREML3270.
Entered By: steveb When: 2001-02-01 10:25:47 Build: 2.0.6F
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I am connecting from my AS/400 to a remote system with 
STREM3270.  On my AS/400, I can display 132 column screens 
just fine, but the passed through computer thinks that I am 
coming in with only 80 column support.  Any help would be 
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-02-01 10:38:30  New Status: Pending Customer

Try in the Screensurfer folder is the Host Connect icon. 
Once open, click on the connection wizard and specify the 
parameters of your as/400.  You will have the ability to 
specify the screen size.  This should correct the problem.
Append By: steveb  When: 2001-02-01 10:48:05  New Status: Pending IE
First, I do not see the Host Connect Icon. I am using 
Build: 2.0.11A GA.  But I did use the connections settings 
and I was able to connect to the as/400 as both 3180 and 
3477 with 132 column support.  If I looked at a spool file 
on the as/400, I get 132 column support.  
It is only when I try to connect to the remote machine 
using STREM3270 that the remote computer does not support 
me in 132.  (note: I am able to get 132 support with IBM's 
client access. So the remote in those cases does support 
Append By: "Hello....Newman"  When: 2001-02-01 10:53:06  New Status: Pending Customer
In version 2 it is called Web Gateway connection, sorry 
about that.  You are correct, there is a connection setting 
that allows you to check off IBM-3278-5 (27 x 132).  

Could you do a recompile with trace=on, connect to the host 
and then email us the templates.log file located in the 
directory of screensurfer\hostserver.

Append By: steveb  When: 2001-02-01 11:44:37  New Status: Pending IE
I emailed the log.
Append By: steveb  When: 2001-02-02 16:03:41  New Status: Pending IE
Mike, I was finally able to download the latest build and I 
am still having the problem.  I will be here until 5 if you 
want to try again today.  Otherwise, I will talk to you on 
Monday.  Thanks, Steve
Append By: steveb  When: 2001-02-05 10:01:14  New Status: Pending IE
I am currently at my desk and able to work with you to get 
this working.  Please call/E-mail when you get a chance.  
Thanks, Steve

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