Ticket #768 ( Closed )

Short Description global.stml compared to my own screenglobal.stml
Entered By: Chon When: 2001-05-23 11:26:17 Build: 3.0.1C GA
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   I have created a new login screen with the fields moved 
but can't figure out how to get the cursor to move to the 
next field without out hitting tab.  The username(all 
usernames) is 8 characters long and when using global.stml, 
the cursor moves to the password field.  I noticed that 
there is a onKeyUp event handler that calls SSkc() added 
(looking at the html source) with the global.stml but not 
with my own screenglobal.stml.  How can I get that function 
back in there since most users are very used to that?  I 
have two more questions too, should I add them here or 
start a new thread?