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Short Description Write A Full Screen of Data At One Time
Entered By: karen.leuther@realmed.com When: 2000-07-19 10:57:10 Build: 2.0.9Z
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript Functions
Is there any command, like TEACTION PUTFIELD, where we can 
write a full screen of data with one write, versus line by 
line?  We will just have one 2,300 byte input string of 
data to write to the screen.  

Do you know what the size limit is from COM to 
Screensurfer?  Can it handle a 2,300 byte record (field 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-19 11:36:34  New Status: Pending Customer
Make sure that your registry entry:

Environments/Screensurfer/Config:Maximum String Size is 
3000 decimal to support strings up to 3000 chars--this can 
cause you problems otherwise.

Is the screen one field, or multiple fields?

If it is one field, then the TEACTION PUTFIELD should work 

The <TEACTION KEY Web.fieldname> will fill fields then skip 
to the next one when each field is full.

Use <TEACTION SETCURSOR ROW COLUMN> first to position, the 
TEACTION KEY to flood the data into the screen.