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Short Description Error message after install "GetServiceHandle Failed"
Entered By: rhider@ucsd.edu When: 1999-07-13 16:32:29 Build: 1.03.07A
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Cannot open Administration or DevCenter HTML Home page.
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Comment Sorry for the delay in responding--

GetServiceHandle Failed can be due to a number of problems, among them:

  1. Another service is listening on the same ports as Screensurfer
  2. When installed, the DOMAIN\USERID and PASSWORD that were entered are not working to start the service.
To determine what is happening, please start Screensurfer in Diagnostic mode from the Screensurfer service control applet (opened from the Screensurfer folder installed on your desktop). When started in Diagnostic mode, Screensurfer will display in a window any startup problems. If Screensurfer runs fine in Diagnostic mode, then it means that the problem is #2 above. To fix, go in the services control applet, and select Screensurfer; then update the settings so that it just runs as a machine service. For TN3270 this will usually work just fine...