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Short Description Timeouts and Logoff
Entered By: gaucho When: 2001-05-10 14:32:41 Build: 2.0.10Q GA
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I have some questions regarding timeouts and logoff 
functions.  The situation is as follows.

I am under the impression that the TESECTION INVALID is 
executed when a user performs an action (usually a click) 
once the session has timed out.  In our case, we would like 
to gracefully logoff the user of a timed out SS session on 
the mainframe side using our logoff script.  However, when 
a session times out, our TN3270 screen has not 
been "primed" for the next user.

1)  How can I "prime" the screens on a timeout SS session 
without performing a TEACTION RELEASE (I would prefer to 
use the KEEPOPEN parameter) and being able to use our own 
logoff script?

2)  What occurs when the INVALID section executes in 
relation to sessions and connections?  Does it 
automatically perform a TEACTION RELEASE KEEPOPEN?  If so, 
what happens on the mainframe side?  Is it just 'stuck' on 
that screen in which the user timed out on?