Ticket #629 ( Closed )

Short Description ASP Error if a recordset field contain caracter ' as last
Entered By: Sandro When: 2000-10-25 06:30:57 Build: 2.0.7D
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: 3270 Datastream
We note that if a string assigned to a column of a 
recordset contain character ' occur an ASP error and the 
recorset's rows contain bad data.
Howewer we actually bypass the problem adding to a string 
as last character a blank character;but this is'nt a manner 
to solve the problem , it's just a temporary solution (we 
have read the public ticket on the same argument and the 
answer given ...).

We have Screen Surfer ver 2.07D and ASPSURFER.DLL version 
created on 27 Jul 2000 (handling the timeout , as we have 
requested in an old ticket).

Waiting your news, regards.
Nunzio Ravi  
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-10-25 07:13:33  New Status: Pending Customer
We just tested with the current base Screensurfer, and what 
is being sent is correct--will test with the ASP component 
later this morning.

Hopefully the fix will be in the ASP component, which will 
be not a big change from the current one you have.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-10-27 12:37:16  New Status: Pending Customer
The problem was in ASPSURFER.DLL--it has been fixed in 
latest build, which can be downloaded from:


The problem was that the escape used to support embedded 
quotes in the datastream was skipping 3 characters ahead 
(and missing the end quote) when it was supposed to skip 
only 2...
Append By: Sandro  When: 2000-11-10 07:16:09  New Status: Closed
we've just tested the new aspsurfer.dll and the problem 
seems to be solved.
Thank's for the solution.
Nunzio Ravi