Ticket #631 ( Closed )

Short Description controlservice failed (the system cannot find the path specified.)
Entered By: jlaulfsus When: 2000-11-02 14:01:26 Build: 2.0.5A GA
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Configuration
I get the above message everytime control service starts 
and the control service does not start.

If I click on Diagnostic mode, and try again, everything is 

How can I troubleshoot this problem?

My configuration is as follows:  I had installed the latest 
version which didn't compile our templates, and had to go 
back to 2.0.4 beta executable install, and update the 
version to 2.0.5A GA by replacing IELUA.EXE in the bin 
directory.  This was necessary for the templates which were 
written in the old version.

Before installation, I made sure I gutted out the 
intelligent env in the registry of Screensurfer.  After 
installation, I made sure the registry was updated.  

Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.