Ticket #320 ( Accepted )

Short Description add logging to secure console functions
Entered By: PeteL When: 1999-06-03 10:19:27 Build: 1.03.29M
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: Console Operations
it would be a good idea to add a log function to the console operations, or at least those which are deemed worthy of audit (quite possibly all of them). a log of action taken and by whom - if the console is secure, that would include userid, otherwise just IP address. An example of where this would be useful would be to know how many customers are calling my help desk requiring session cancels, and what sessions they were, who the active user was, etc.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-06-03 11:01:17  New Status: Accepted
Comment Should this be in a separate log file, or in the same file as the terminal port HTTP requests?
Append By: PeteL  When: 1999-06-03 11:08:49  New Status: Pending IE
Comment I would think different, so that log analysis programs won't trip over the different format, and the retention of this for auditing purposes may be different than for the http log.