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Short Description EJB Session Management
Entered By: rgraichen When: 2001-04-09 09:38:16 Build: 3.0.0O Bet
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I am using the EJB to construct a simple set Logon and 
Logoff JSP's.  The Logon JSP works fine.  The stml has a 
<TEACTION CONNECT>.  The JSP is saving the session key in a 
session object using the ssRequest.getSessionKey() method.  
My Logoff stml has a <TEACTION GETSESSION>.  I am calling 
the ssRequest.setSessionKey() method before calling the 
ssRequest.execute() method.  I am getting the following 
error message in trace file: 

Error: Execution in section "maslogoff.maslogon", Line #5, 
Module "TEACTION GetSession", Active Screen "?.?", Active 
User "" (Unable to connect to session-- URL 
Contains no SessionKey name-value pair!)

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-04-09 10:04:59  New Status: Pending Customer
Check in your logon stml--make sure you are not doing a 
teaction release before returning to the EJB...a teaction 
release will clear the active sessionkey.

If that isn't the case, can you try the same logic, only 
doing a query in the Status recordset for sessionkey, then 
an AddInput() of the sessionkey instead of the 
getSessionKey and setSessionKey methods...in case there is 
something up with these in your environment.
Append By: rgraichen  When: 2001-04-09 12:43:45  New Status: Pending IE
What would be the exact syntax for AddInput first parameter?

AddInput("SessionKey","?????????") ?

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-04-09 12:59:53  New Status: Pending Customer
Yes, use "SessionKey" for the addinput name...