Ticket #793 ( Closed )

Short Description Page Cannot Be Displayed
Entered By: Chon When: 2001-06-07 13:06:53 Build: 3.0.1C GA
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
   Earlier today, screen surfer suddenly stopped working.  
The administration page, dev center, the host access 
selection list will not show up.  I've read the ticket on 
the similar problem, checked the ports, checked the HOST 
file in the /winnt/system32/etc directory. The server does 
not go through a proxy.  I've rebooted the server all to no 
avail.  Please help, I have a presentation tomorrow 
morning.  Please call me, or respond as soon as possible.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-07 13:12:50  New Status: Pending Customer
Perhaps there is a crash occuring in your compile that is 
stopping the server...

Stop the service, then, using the Screensurfer Service 
Applet, start Screensurfer in diagnostic mode.  The command 
window that displays may provide some information on what 
is going on.

Also, you can send a zip of your templates (*.stml files) 
to surfer@ie.com and we can compile here to see if there is 
something like this happening.
Append By: Chon  When: 2001-06-07 14:12:53  New Status: Pending IE
I tried starting the server through the applet in 
diagnostic mode and nothing was showing, the screen (dos 
window) ask to clear the log and then disappears.  And 
looking at the log itself just tells me that it read the 
config from the registry and that the ieula? started okay.