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Short Description Error Handling
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2000-09-19 08:46:02 Build: 2.0.7C
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Currently, we are using 2 asp scripts to do agent 
validation through a cics transaction and active 
directory.  Previously, i had coded for an exit function, a 
sweep function, a mainframe down & supersession down 
function and they would all backout of cics and 
supersession properly and then do a perform global.home, 
display a javascript message box and then release and 
return and i would display the message to the user and they 
would be right back to the login screen..  But, since we 
have changed to using the active directory the login is 
performed in one of the asp scripts.  I still need the 
functionality of the functions i had previously..  we 
thought we could just change our code to do a release and 
then display the message and then do a tranurl to the ip 
address again..  i keep getting just a white screen..  What 
am I doing wrong..  I'll send the template and trace 
file..  in the template i've commented the section i'm 
trying t