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Short Description Upgrading from Version 2 to V3
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<pre>This ticket is provided as a guide to upgrading from 
V2 to 
V3--please append any comments/experiences/problems and we 
will continually improve the recommendations.

V3 has some important differences when upgrading a V2 

1. A .JS file reference is necessary for passthrough 
2. Global.stml, personal.stml and (if you have one) 
control.stml will be generated each compile unless you 
deactivate the pattern directories or remove the global.pml 
and personal.pml files from the active PML directory
3. V3 now has projects, which make it easier to manage 
multiple applications and versions

To upgrade:

1. Install V3 in its own directory--the registry keys are 
off a completely different root, so the two can co-reside 
on same machine no problem.

2. Start V3 and go into the DevCenter

3. Add a new project with your V2 project's name, select no 
copy on the project create- for example's sake, suppose 
Screensurfer is in
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Additional note--

You do need to include a reference to the 
\screensurfer\hostserver\docs\ssemul.js file in your 
global.header for a V2 app to work under V3.

This is because we have removed much of the javascript 
previously generated by the core IELUA and moved it to the 
ssemul.js file, so that customers would have greater 
control over how the scripting events were implemented.