Ticket #564 ( Pending IE )

Short Description Cursor as BLOCK not LINE
Entered By: alexd@kubota.co.uk When: 2000-07-12 12:01:52 Build: 2.0.6C
Categories Type: Question   Department: Product   Category: SupportCenter
Is there anyway to chnge the cursor to display as a "block 
cursor" flashing rather than just a line.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2000-07-12 21:11:31  New Status: Pending Customer
This is extremely browser-dependent--I believe it is 
possible with IE4+, but with Netscape it may only be 
possible with NS6.

It requires a selection object which tracks the cursor 
position and sets the selection equal to the cursor+1 char, 
so that the next keystroke replaces the selected character.

In effect, this is very tricky to implement, since it 
requires a keystroke processor (like an onkeydown or onkeyup 
event-driven script) to understand all keystrokes so that 
cursor movement, backspace and so on work as expected.

If you are using IE5, you may want to check the features on 
the MS website, as there may be some new modes that can be 
set for an entry field to make this automatic and easy--we 
will try to check also for you.
Append By: alexd@kubota.co.uk  When: 2000-07-13 04:43:38  New Status: Pending IE
Unfortunately we cannot control what browser our users use 
as the are dealers of ours who connect to make orders. We 
have tried to tell them to use IE4 or above. Therefore we 
cannot really use any MS app that would need to be 
installed or setup on the users machine. That is one of the 
reasons we chose screensurfer as it totally server based 
and I believe we are the only company in the UK currently 
using this software in a live environment.