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Short Description extending body Onload()?
Entered By: JaxAce When: 1999-05-13 18:10:46 Build: 2.0.4D
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In an STML file, <TEMACRO TERMBODY> generates this in the HTML file:

<Body onLoad="SS_SetCursor(document.Surf_Form.F_0_80);">
where the parameter is the first field to put in focus.

And throught the extensions, it's possible to add other

<TEMACRO TERMBODY 'onUnload="DoThisCoolThing()"'>

But how can I hook to my <b>own onLoad</b> function? It's not
possible to alter SS_SetCursor() so that I could let
it run and call my code from it. Nor can I call my own 
onLoad routine which would call SS_SetCursor() because I can't know ahead of time which field will be getting the 
focus. (not to mention that if I need VBS, I'm stuck with JScript - well you guys can't implement everything!)

- H
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-05-13 18:42:33  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment You didn't look closely enough at the SS_SetCursor function-- if you did, you'd notice the call to userLoadScript(targ) :)

If you include a function named userLoadScript(parameter) on the page, it will get called at onLoad time-- the parameter that is passed is the field name currently containing the focus which may or may not be of use to your onLoad function, but it is there anyway.

I believe that the scripting model in IE allows inter-language calls between VBScript and JavaScript...so you might try a VBScript procedure named userLoadScript...

The documentation for TEMACRO TERMBODY was pretty lame-- we updated it slightly and it is in the latest rev of the docs at ftp://ftp.ieinc2.com/pub/surfer/surfdocs.zip (unzip to \screensurfer\hostserver\docs).

Coincidentally, the description of the TEMACRO TERMBODY is the only difference between the docs in this zip and those in the V2 installation program.

Append By: JaxAce  When: 1999-05-14 09:58:58  New Status: Pending IE

Actually, I remember now that I did look at this in 
an earlier version of the docs - but couldn't get it
to work. The newer version explains it as you do 
above.  I just tried that too - it doesn't get called.

 <script language="JScript">
   function UserLoadScript(cursor_pos)
     alert ("Call me a code mushroom");

Append By: Connie  When: 1999-05-14 10:02:54  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Hmmm--we will reproduce and get a fix out today-- possible work-around is to add a var UserLoadScript in your script block, as our "don't call it if it isn't there" logic may be breaking in IE (tested in Netscape)...
Append By: JaxAce  When: 1999-05-17 11:59:20  New Status: Pending IE
Problem solved.

wE need to watch our CaPs A Little closer:

  UserLoadScript()  in the comment and docs

is not

  userLoadScript()  as it's called in SS_SetCursor()

As you know, many coders, including me, mindlessly 
cut and pAste.

- h
Append By: Jitz  When: 1999-05-17 12:03:07  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment dOn'T iNsuLt sUPpOrt oR tHe kID gEt'S iT!

Doc is fixed--will fix this ticket-- readers of the ticket note that the immediately prior append helped you to avoid the same mistake!

Append By: JaxAce  When: 1999-05-17 12:11:03  New Status: Closed
thanks --- yes the prior append did point me
in the right direction.

It's not a capital crime <g> and 
no InSult inTended <G>

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-05-17 12:16:26  New Status: Closed
Comment wE kNew it wAsN't aN iNsUlT, mR. lINdbUrgH.