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Short Description How to move local screensurfer applications to server level
Entered By: mmwebesa@totsol.net When: 2001-04-04 10:13:45 Build: 2.0.6F
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How do I go about transfering my screen-surfer applications 
from my localhost to a network server.  
Screensurfer was downloaded on our individual PCs and I 
have been using it to create various applications that will 
be accessed on the intranet.  These applications as per now 
can only be accessed on my localhost but not network wide 
(on our intranet).
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You will need to zip up the folder(s) under the HostServer 
directory you have created and extract them onto the new 
server in the same path.  If you have created any .pml 
files you will also need to copy those over as well.  Be 
sure to place these back in the PML directory.  Once you 
have done this, be sure to change the compile path in 
Development Administration in the DevCenter, then 

Have you already installed Screensurfer on the network 
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Thanks for the information.
No, we have not yet installed Screensurfer on the network 
server but as soon as we do I will take the files I have 
created (the .stml files) including the folder (which I 
called caselogs) in which they are stored, from the 
HostServer directory and copy it to the same location in 
the new directory tree (after downloading screensurfer) on 
the network server - all as you stated. I will also change 
the compile path to point there.
Now, does that mean that my actual webpages (the .asp 
files) that actually display the information I am scraping 
from the mainframe using screensurfer will have to be moved 
to that server as well?
The application is supposed to be part of the intranet, 
does that mean that I should actually download screensurfer 
on the intranet server if my .asp files are to be in the 
same area as my other intranet files?
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The easiest thing would be to migrate everything over so 
that all is on one box, however.  You can leave the .asp 
pages where they are and have a com object installed on 
that box.  In the com object all you will need to do is 
specify the path of where screensurfer is and your folder.
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How do I go ahead installing the com object on the intranet 
server and in the com object, how do I specify the path 
where screensurfer is.
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You will need to install the aspsurfer componenet, which 
can be found at our ftp site; ftp://www.screensurfer.com
Look for the aspsurfer.exe

During the install you will need to specify the path of the 
Screensurfer box.  Put in either the ip address or the dns 
of the server along with :port number of the terminal port.

So it would look like this

You can find your terminal port number from the Admin 
Console, choose settings.  
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Thanks for the info when we get our server I will go ahead 
and install screensurfer and the aspsurfer componenet on 
it.  Then transfer my files to it as you first suggested.
Thanks again.