Ticket #287 ( Closed )

Short Description To everyone: a user forum?
Entered By: JaxAce When: 1999-04-28 15:43:28 Build: 1.3/2.0
Categories Type: Suggestion   Department: Product   Category: SupportCenter
Studying many of the posts here - and finding answers - 
reminded me how useful a public support area can be.

How about having a general forum area for us users to assist each other?  (and that's not a hint that we need
more from the folks at IE - your support has be superb!)

Having a little forum has advantages for IE too: our 
posts on mutual support could save you some support time. 

Perhaps it would be enough just to add a new Category
to the tickets: "Tricks and Traps" and you could add a 
radio button in the Ticket Type: "User Forum".

I know there's not a ton of activity here, but I do have
a couple of ideas (with code) that I could upload.

- Howard
Append By: JaxAce  When: 1999-04-28 15:50:25  New Status: Pending IE

just noticed the obvious -- it would be even better
to have a forum show up in the 'available actions'
frame: User Forum

- H
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-04-29 01:13:38  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment There is a little-known feature of the SupportCenter-- anyone can append to a public ticket, not just SupportCenter admin people... :)

Meanwhile, I think that a more forum/newsgroup oriented option is a great idea...will be looking at the options, while improving overall SupportCenter design & navigation.

Append By: JaxAce  When: 1999-04-29 09:53:24  New Status: Pending IE
OK, thanks, I'll try that until you decide how you'll proceed. 

- Howard 

PS: other suggestions:

1. widen the comment input box, move fixsamplecode button 
below it.
2. Add option in upper frame that allows user to set
the word wrap column of the comment area - it is very
annoying to have to scroll back and forth to read these