Ticket #428 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description Same Problem as Reference Ticket 397
Entered By: gaucho When: 2000-01-14 18:40:13 Build: 2.0.4S GA
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Hi Bill, We are encountering the same problem (please reference ticket #397). I also have emailed you with the information that you have requested (html files, Registry hive, and stml files). Please review it and see if you come up with any ideas. Here are some other thoughts. I don't know if they are any help but hopefully it can aid you in coming up with any possible solutions to our problem. Keep in mind that we have not upgraded our production server to the 2.0.6D., thus the sessions and active threads may not be properly displayed. ****** In the Screen Surfer events log (Screensurfer\HostServer\Events), we have timeout files that say "Timeout_97.html". First, I am assuming that the 97 refers to the session/connection number. Yet, we are only running 50 connections and SS should not be timing any sessions out above fifty. The timeout files start from 0 but go all the way up to 99. Also, we are running in the problem of a user "taking-over" another persons sessi