Ticket #347 ( Accepted )

Short Description TELOOP Bug
Entered By: Squidmaster Pro When: 1999-07-02 17:30:39 Build: 2.0.4N
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: SurferScript
If you have SurferScript of the following structure:
<TELOOP Iterations First=1 Last=10 Step=1>
                <TELOOP loob First=0 Last=5 Step=1>
                        <TESET account = "poopy">
                </TELOOP> <!--- code loop --->
</TELOOP> <!--- loop to process each account --->
The first and second loop get confused such that the outer loop only occurs once. Trace shows the second </TELOOP> (outer loop) is acting on the inner TELOOP variable ("loob") so it terminates after one iteration.

Workaround: Insert a TESET or other operation in-between the TELOOP tags (both opening and closing) and also remove the comments.

It is expected that only one of these actions is necessary to avoid the problem, but until further testing, this avoids the problem.