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Short Description Trap errors when compiling
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2001-06-05 12:38:22 Build: 2.0.11I
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: DevCenter Compiling
We are running Screensurfer 2.0.11I on Windows 2000 with 
SP1.  Frequently when compiling we get trap errors, which 
then say to check for unterminated strings etc.  Sometimes 
this brings the service down, other times the service says 
it is still running but basically it is dead.  After we 
restart the service (without making code changes) it 
compiles fine and might recompile fine for 2,3,4 or more 
times but then will crash again on a recompile eventually.  
I turned off the catch exceptions option and am sending a 
drwtsn32.log file generated from a crash to surfer@ie.com.  
Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks, Mark
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-05 12:49:50  New Status: Pending Customer
Thanks for the drwtsn32.log file, but unfortunately it is 
catching a symptom not the cause of the trap--can you 
please zip & send your .stml files and any odbc database 
required to compile (just the definition of the DB is 

Ideally, any sort description for a consistent reproduction 
of the error would be greatly appreciated...such as, 
compile fails every time after running test X that involves 
section Y...

Or, compile fails any time we change size of X...
Append By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com  When: 2001-06-06 11:23:40  New Status: Pending IE
I have a scenario where I can reproduce the error without 
changing any stml source files.  The steps I used are the 
following.  Start the screen surfer service to ensure a 
consistent starting point.  Recompile with trace on.  Log 
on to our application and go three screens in and then exit 
our application (all of this is traced in the log file I am 
sending).  After I log off of the application I go to dev 
center and try to recompile and the service crashes.  I am 
sending all of our stml's, databases, and the log file for 
the session I described above.  Through all of the testing 
I did not change any stml files.  One other thing is that 
if I don't try and recompile the app continue's to work 
fine. It is only after trying to recompile that there is a 
problem.  Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks, Mark
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-06 11:41:31  New Status: Pending Customer
Great--thanks for working on creating a consistent 
reproduction...this will help a great deal in finding and 
fixing the problem.