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Short Description Deployment into Weblogic 5.1
Entered By: dsheppard@creditwave.com When: 2001-01-19 11:06:31 Build: 2.0.6F
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Are there any existing deployment descriptors available for 
deploying the SurferEJB.jar into Weblogic 5.1?
Append By: JavaSurfer  When: 2001-01-19 12:07:29  New Status: Pending Customer
We are currently in the process of creating deployment 
descriptors for Weblogic server.  This package containing  
help/instructions and deployment descriptors specific to 
Weblogic is scheduled to be available for download by the 
end of next week, but it might be available as early as 
this coming Tuesday.

I guess you have two options:

The first and faster option is to do it yourself by 
following the deployment instructions for your Weblogic 
server with Screensurfer development team providing real-
time help wherever needed.

The second and slower option is to wait until the above 
mentioned download is available.

Regardless of the option you choose, an email will be sent 
to you as soon as the package is available for download.
Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-01-19 15:03:34  New Status: Pending IE
Thanks for the update.
Append By: JavaSurfer  When: 2001-01-24 10:57:21  New Status: Closed
The Screensurfer EJB co-server for BEA WebLogic is now 
available for download.

The package, among other files, contains the SurferEJB.jar 
file, deployment descriptors specific to WebLogic and some 
basic help in setting up and running SurferEJB on a 
WebLogic server.

Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-01-24 16:53:19  New Status: Pending IE
I have successfully deployed the EJB into Weblogic (Albeit 
I am using Weblogic 6.0 now, so the jar and deployment was 
much easier)

However, when I run the JSP I get the following error

>Hello ClusterableRemoteRef( []) 
>Screensurfer SurfTest JSP Test Page
>Error parsing stream returned by Screensurfer
>Actual error message: java.lang.NullPointerException

The first line with HEllo is me simply printing out 
a .toString() and the SSRequestHome variable to ensure that 
it was looked up properly

Thanks. Dean
Append By: JavaSurfer  When: 2001-01-24 17:14:04  New Status: Pending Customer

It'd be helpful if you can you tell me which Screen Surfer 
transaction you are using?  Also, are you connecting to 
your own Screen Surfer server or the server at Screen 
Surfer's website?

The SurfTest.jsp file included with the download was tested 
with the transaction "surfer/details" by 
using "support.screensurfer.com:80" as being 
the "ScreenServerGateway" on a WebLogic 5.1 server.

Will it be possible for you to send the jsp file you are 
using?  I can analyse your jsp file and try to run it on 
WebLogic 5.1 server on 'support.screensurfer.com:80', to 
rule out any issues raised by the later version 6.0 of 

You can, in the meantime, try running the original jsp 
file 'as-is' that came with the download.
Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-01-25 07:58:06  New Status: Pending IE
The Screen Surfer Transaction is whatever the default in 
the SurfTest.jsp file is. I believe it is surfer/details. I 
am running the SurferEJB for Weblogic and connecting to 
support.screensurfer.com:80 site.

The JSP file is the SurfTest.jsp which was sent with the 
SurferEJB.jar file. I only included the output to see if I 
could track the null pointer exception. If I run the 
original JSP 'as-is' I get the same null pointer exception.


Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-01-25 08:32:13  New Status: Pending IE
FYI: The cause of the error is the following line in the 

Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-01-29 08:48:21  New Status: Pending IE
After a follow up call by a support technician, I installed 
Weblogic 6.0 on a Windows NT System and deployed the exact 
same JAR and WAR files.

The SurfTest.jsp worked properly, and I received back the 
surfer/details transaction screen.

If there is any known issues with Surfer/Solaris please 
advise otherwise I will close this ticket.

Thanks for the help guys.
Append By: JavaSurfer  When: 2001-01-29 11:06:00  New Status: Pending Customer

The SurferEJB is EJB 1.1 compliant.  Unless there are any 
issues reported by Sun, I don't anticipate any.  After all, 
its Java and it is supposed to be a write-once-and-run-
anywhere kind of software.

There is a possibility that the problem occurs with 
WebLogic.  Since you guys are a BEA's customer, you can 
pose this question to the WebLogic support team.

Although the Jar utility which comes with Sun's JDK 1.2.2 
was used to assemble the .jar file, but I am thinking it 
might have something to do with the compression.  If you 
have some time to spare in the near future, I can assemble 
another .jar with exactly the same contents but with zero 
compression in order to rule out this being the cause of 
your problem.
Append By: dsheppard@creditwave.com  When: 2001-06-19 16:59:39  New Status: Closed
Been open for awhile ;)