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Short Description Using function Web. to send Parameters
Entered By: AlexandraLaCruz@HiperCom.com When: 1999-06-01 20:59:56 Build: 1.03.07A
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Hello I have a big problem with enter parameters from web

I have a section that it would received three parameters one of them indicate the row where I am going to put a field value and the others are the other fields in that row. Something like this:


   <TEACTION PUTFIELD web.PosRow colvalue1 FiledValue1>
   <TEACTION PUTFIELD web.PosRow colvalue2 FiledValue2>
   <TEACTION PUTFIELD web.PosRow colvalue3 FiledValue3>
At the first calling, the value of web.PosRow is correct, like I have to do severals calling to the same section in order to fill a list (on screen from host). I only increment the web.PosRow value and I do the next calling, but at the next time that I call the Section the value of webPosRow it isnīt the value that I put at the second time.

Isīnt There any form to refresh the enter values for next times?

Or How do you do to enter a list of parameters?