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Short Description How does one acquire a session that was RELEASEd with KEEPOPEN?
Entered By: PeteL When: 2001-06-04 09:56:11 Build: 2.05V
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If you use the TEACTION RELEASE KEEPOPEN, the session is 
put back in a pool of available sessions.  However, the 
CONNECT documentation does not state that it will return 
one of these sessions if available.  Is that the flow in 
this case?  That a CONNECT will first look for sessions 
that have been released with keepopen, and if none are 
available, then go to the host for a new one?

Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2001-06-04 10:06:29  New Status: Pending Customer
Pete, I do not know if it is a "hard-wired" rule in 
Screensurfer for the "connect" action to connect back to 
previously released "keptopen" sessions first before 
establishing a new host connection but in all the testing 
I've done that seems the case.  This is why you check 
the "screen.screenid" variable to see which host screen you 
are on...
Append By: PeteL  When: 2001-06-05 06:51:30  New Status: Pending IE
I'd like to know for absolute sure, please, as we are in 
the process of designing some high-volume, high-response 
projects, and session reuse is a key component of the 

thank you
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-05 08:30:27  New Status: Pending Customer
For sure, the available (started, but released-keepopen) 
sessions are the first to be acquired in a TEACTION CONNECT.

The logic scans the sessions first for AVAILABLE, then if 
none found, scans for STOPPED, then if none found scans for 

In a point release later this year, rather than scanning we 
will be implementing internal queues so that very large 
numbers of sessions on one machine don't impose any 
allocation CPU overhead...with identical logic, just better 
efficiency for finding the next available session.
Append By: PeteL  When: 2001-06-05 08:58:20  New Status: Closed
OK, sounds good - thanks