Ticket #450 ( Pending Customer )

Short Description Internal LU session state error
Entered By: Click When: 2000-02-10 17:39:52 Build: 1.0 and 2
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: SNA Server Connect
The following problem occurs during high traffic times on 
the web site (11-2 PST).  

When a user places an order, they see the "hourglass" on 
their browser.  This can last for 10-15 minutes or more 
with no error/message being returned.

Through the SS console, the following error can be viewed:

TN3270E Service Error 520
Internal LU session state error in FirstInboundByteProcess.
State error id - 3 (expected CONT,RCV).
Current state - SSCP-LU, SNDNXMT

The network admin for our customer believes that a new 
request coming from screen surfer is trying to grab (bind 
with) an LU in SNA Server(ver 4.0) that is currently idle 
(LU is waiting for data or session with mainframe may be 
timed out, but LU has not been recycled yet.)

Is there any way SS can catch or handle this error? Is 
there any configuration that can be done on SNA Server?