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Short Description Porbelm Connecting to SNA Server
Entered By: jim.omulloy@dds.co.uk When: 1998-10-15 10:16:32 Build: 1.03.19d
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  1. I had evaluation copy of Screensurfer working fine on NT 4.0 with MS SNA Server 3.0.
  2. I tried installing IBM Comms server and then had to back that out and reinistalled MS SNA Server
  3. I now get a problem durring Screensurfer Connect to my LU POOL (even later reinstalling Screensurfer.)
  4. In the SurfDiag.log I get mesages:
[   1] Informational: Screensurfer Version 1.03.19d Startup 
   (Screensurfer Executable IELUA.EXE Successfully Started,
   Root Directory is "c:\Screensurfer\HostServer\")
[   2] InitRUI: After LinkToRUIDlls, Status=0
[   3] InitRUI: After WinRUIStartup, Status=0,
Version=1, Description=IBM SNA
[   4] InitRuiConv: SSCP Session set
[   5] IELUA Version 1.03.19d
[   6] Error: RUI Init (RUI Error 000011F0:00000000 
during RUI Init, Explanation=
Verb 8001 completed with 
primary return code 11f0, 
secondary return code 00000000.
[   7] RUI Error 000011F0:00000000 during RUI Init, 
Explanation=Verb 8001 compl
Append By: Connie  When: 1998-10-15 12:25:49  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment Sounds like a re-install issue with SNA Server-- can you check to see if the "3270 Applet" will connect to your host through SNA Server?

The return code indicates an "unexpected DOS Error" from RUI, so we would suspect that one of the DLLS from Comms Server is still hanging around causing mischief.

We are also happy to work with you on getting the IBM Comms Server working, also; which version are you using, and how important is it?

Append By: jim.omulloy@dds.co.uk  When: 1998-10-16 05:14:23  New Status: Pending IE
Comment Thanks for the reply. What you say makes sense. We have reinstalled MS SNA Server and the 3270 Applet connects fine to our host thru the LU Pool. As it happens we only use SNA Server in our production sites and I was just installing a version of the new IBM Comms Server 6.0 as part of evaluatuion of Web-Host access products I would like to restore working vrsion of Screensurfer with MS SNA Server first however I would be keen then to try Screensurfer with Comms Server - Should Screensurfer work OK with IBM Comms Server 6.0?? Thanks from Jim.
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1998-10-16 11:35:23  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment There's a good chance that the DLL's from IBM Comms Server relating to the API Screensurfer uses are still in-place, as they are probably newer than SNA Server's and the SNA Server install probably left them alone...names to check would include winrui32.dll and fmistr32.dll.

Also, check the Event Log-- look for an event reported by SNA Server when the error occurs, because an error of this nature usually yields an Event Log record.

Our support for IBM Comms Server requires a tweak, recompile and test, due to DLL naming differences between SNA Server and Comms Server. This is available on a request basis...so, since you've made the request, we can get you a build middle of next week for Comms Server.