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Short Description Screen Sessions to the Mainframe
Entered By: gaucho When: 2001-05-14 16:01:55 Build: 2.0.10Q GA
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I have, unfortunately another question about SS 
session/connection management to the mainframe.

Is there, at any time, a disconnection or loss of IP 
connectivity from SS to the mainframe if there is 
inactivity for a specified period of time?

--Our problem is as follows:  Our application inserts a 
generic mainframe userID and PIN number 'behind-the-scenes' 
during a logon process.  The mainframe UserId does not 
allow more than one session per ID login.  Yet, it has come 
to our attention that for some reason, some of the 
connections (or IP connectivity) from SS to the mainframe 
are lost or are in limbo, in which the mainframe believes 
that SS's userID is still connected, but in reality, SS is 
not. Our logon AND logoff code should account for 'mis-
logged-off' sessions and should begin a brand new 
connection if this occurs.  When the new connection is 
created, the previous connection to the mainframe is reset 
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-05-14 16:19:26  New Status: Pending Customer
If the socket is broken between SS and the mainframe, that 
will be a loss of session, but this would usually only 
occur if there was in-fact a timeout at the mainframe side 
of things.  However, there could be an intermittent bug in 
your script or somewhere else that creates the limbo userid.

Are you using the screen.sessionID as part of the userid?  
I think so but can't remember.

Most systems I have worked with have some form of reset 
sequence that can be performed during a logon sequence 
to "restore" a userid that is supposed to be already logged-
on.  Can you check with your mainframe systems people to 
see if that is possible, and if so, what the sequence is--
then you can upgrade your logon script to detect the 
condition and correct it.