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Short Description Parameterizing datasource
Entered By: intek When: 1998-07-04 13:48:00 Build: 1.03.07A
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Because queries are declared with their datasource it would seem that the datasource cannot be parameterized - I am looking for a way to pass in the datasource as a parameter so I don't have to have if/thens between separate queries for my test, dev, and production environments. Let me know the best way to handle this - Thanks Will Bechtel
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Comment Would a registry setting work for this, or a environment variable?

How many databases are you connecting to? You only need one connection of each type per database, and these can all be grouped at the top of a single template file. The queries themselves would then consistently refer to same connection name, while the datasource specified in the connection would have the target changing between test through production.

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Comment What I am used to using is something like cold fusion where I set the datasource early as a variable and then all queries use the variable as the datasource name. I have 3 datasources (dev,test,prod) that have the exact same structure (so queries are exactly alike) but they require different datasources (which are declared at compile time yes?) Right now I have a bunch of 'if/then' statements calling the same queries with different DBSOURCES. Just looking for a better way than maintaining 3 queries where there should be 1 (they are alike except for datasource). PS - things are working well on the project, went live last week - screen surfer doing well. Should I be worried about the various warnings that come to the console? (Will TelNet Option type?) Thanks WIll
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Comment Why don't you have one datasource that the queries all use consistently (without if/then), and when you need to change the level of the code, change the name you are referring to in the <TEDECLARE DBSOURCE> tag?

This gives you one tag to change, and is then very similar to changing a variable.

I'm not trying to obstruct what sounds to me like a good enhancement...just hoping to make sure you understand that the <TEDECLARE DBSOURCE> tag can be shared by multiple queries and that it is the best focal point for switching the database being used.

Along the lines of the enhancement, I do think I can give you the ability to specify datasource name as an expression, but ONLY if the expression is for a SERVER. variable (server scope) that has a data="literal" initializer in the <TEDECLARE of the server. variable.

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Comment I may need to call you - I am not sure I am getting it. No big deal at this point because the if/thens are working fine, just a 'clean-code' issue. I'll call sometime when things die down a bit. Thanks Will
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Comment Can you please review the status of this ticket, and maybe now is a good time to renew discussion?

We still believe that by changing the database name in the DBSOURCE declaration, you then have one place to switch between dev/test/prod DB's.

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Comment We now have 30 people utilizing screen surfer at the same time. Each of them is scraping screens and running queries (inserting data). The queries are run against 3 databases, which are coded using separate DBSOURCES - a parameter passed to the screen surfer code determines what query to run (test, dev, prod). What we'd like now is more connections (maybe a connection pool?) I believe we're reaching the max number of users that can be supported using a single connection. I realize that we could create multiple DBSOURCEs, but when combined with the multiple environments (test,dev,prod) it gets really ugly. Please call me at (619) 610-6011 if you don't understand our problem. Thanks WILL BECHTEL (the real article)