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Short Description Registry Settings
Entered By: jennifer.genzlinger@experian.com When: 2000-11-20 13:02:45 Build: 2.0.7C
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We are running into problems w/in our production 
environment dealing with the 3270 screen size settings used 
in passport.  We think this may be linked to the TNTermType 
registry setting when dealing with the online portion.  
Could we get documentation on the valid values for this and 
what they mean.  The problem is the on the legacy system 
the users are always set up as model 5 because this allows 
them to use upper and lower case.  Our registry setting was 
set to use model 2 which forced everything to upper case.  
We found the registry setting and change it to IBM-3278-5 
from IBM-3278-2.  Model 5 also changes the screen 
row/column size from 80/24 to 132/27.  I've adjusted the 
templates to look in new positions but once we get to the 
CICS login screens and all other CICS screen the screen 
size is back to 80/24 but since the registry rows and 
columns have change will no longer work..  This is a 
problem in our production environment and we would l
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We are currently looking into your problem and someone will 
be in touch with you shortly.  Thank you
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In the registery, did you try changing the alternate screen 
size to 24x80 and see if this corrects the problem or to a 
mod 5 screen 132/27?