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Short Description Usage of Screen Surfer
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I have downloaded the evaluation. Can you tell me if this product will do what I need? I would like to access a 3270 and store some of the screen information into a seperate database. For example, I enter a lookup which returns employee information. I would like to insert the employee information into a sepearte system using ODBC (i.e. MS Access). Is this what your product can do? /j-e
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Comment Screensurfer can do this easily using either event-driven scripting (user is accessing screens and when the employee lookup is entered, the results are captured to a database) or batch scripting (a time-driven event triggers script to navigate to certain screens and while there save the information.

To recognize the screen to save (event-driven) you use the TESECTION name when screen_n_n is "text" tag. To drive script off a timer, use TESECTION name when interval is seconds tag.

To save information to a database, use the TEDECLARE DBCOMMAND to define the insert, and the TEDBEXEC tag to execute the insert. To use screen data as a parameter in the TEDBEXEC, use the Screen() function.

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