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Short Description session_id prediction
Entered By: zinga When: 2001-01-17 09:10:09 Build: 2.0.6F
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We are using a software which checks the availability 
of "screensurfer" service; this software is "virtual user 
generator" by Mercury Interactive, in bundle with "TOPAZ".
The virtual user simulates user's clicks on web pages, 
recording all clicks you do and storing for later replicate.

We recorded a simple navigation:
-open a connection to the TN3270 emulator
-logged in to the system
-exit connection.

When i run this recorded navigation,
when it opens the connection uses an URL which contains a 
unique "session_id" string, and the result is an error 
page  "Session Not Valid".
I suppose this happened because it recorded the HTML source 
generated at the moment of navigation.

Question: is there a way to avoid this "session id" 
Is there a default session i can use that is always opened 
or which can be used without session_id validation?