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Short Description communication error with SSurfer.AspRequest
Entered By: beverly.barrington@famu.edu When: 2001-06-07 10:05:00 Build: 2.0.6F
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I got the error message like following,what am I doing 

Internal Communications error with SSurfer.AspRequest
Error Description:
Unable to receive RESPONSE from HTTP host "LOCALHOST:82"-- 
Error Code=10054, Description=WSAECONNRESET: The virtual 
circuit was reset by the remote side executing a "hard" 
or "abortive" close. For UPD sockets, the remote host was 
unable to deliver a previously sent UDP datagram and 
responded with a "Port Unreachable" ICMP packet. The 
application should close the socket as it is no longer 

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-06-07 12:26:47  New Status: Pending Customer
I sounds like Screensurfer isn't running on the target 
server, or isn't listening on port 82.

Your setting in the registry for 
Environments/AspRequestTarget:Address is 
apparently "localhost:82" -- was Screensurfer started and 
listening on port 82 when this error occured?

If Screensurfer is listening on a different server than the 
one that the ASP page is executing on, or if it is 
listening on a different port than 82, simply change the 
above referenced registry entry to point to the correct 
server:port and test again...(you need to stop and restart 
the full IIS service from the services control applet for 
the address to be updated/read from the changed registry