Ticket #545 ( Closed )

Short Description F3, F12 Do not work properly from 'GO' Command
Entered By: AMIR When: 2000-07-04 00:15:26 Build: 2.0.6F
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Evaluation
ON the AS/400 main menu, clicked on User Tasks
Then clicked on display or change your job. Presented 'Work 
with Job screen for a second or two, then, by itself, moved 
to present 'Go To Menu'

This is very strange. However, when you get to Go To Menu 
via the above, or via typing 'GO' and F4, you have the 
following problem:

Pressing F3=exit on the bottom or F3 on the key pad to the 
right or Cancel and F12 - nothing happens. Stays there 
forever. We had to exit connection to get out of there

The message on the bottom says parameter MENU required. You 
do not require it on the AS/400

also: The bottom bar with enter, help, Command line cancel, 
is not on the screen
If you do put in a menu name, ie: backup, you are taken to 
the backup menu, but then, when pressing F12 (Cancel) it 
took us back to the GO screen. not to the last menu, as 
happens on the AS/400

Append By: Big Kahuna  When: 2000-07-04 10:13:23  New Status: Pending Customer
Amir, for us to diagnose better what is going on with your 
application, please do the following:

- stop the Screensurfer service
- double-click on the Screensurfer Service Control Panel 
from the Screensurfer folder
- make sure the "Diagnostic Mode" check box is selected
- click on the "Start" button (and watch the sky turn blue)
- now the Screensurfer service is started, please perform 
the screen transitions you mention above
- once complete, please send us the surfdiag.log and the 
templates.log files in your \screensurfer\hostserver 
directory to surfer@ie.com

We will take a look at these files and get back with you as 
soon as possible.  Thanks!  
Append By: AMIR  When: 2000-07-05 01:43:04  New Status: Closed
very strange

Today we were not able to replicate the problem... Did we 
do something different last time? We do not know. 

Thanks for your help

We are sending you few more questions