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Short Description Access via Web Site
Entered By: alexd@kubota.co.uk When: 1999-11-30 03:52:15 Build: 1.03.07A
Categories Type: Problem   Department: Product   Category: Troubleshooting
I have configured Screensurfer, and am able to get a connection using the server that it is installed on but I am unable to get a connection through a web site.

I added the URL, that shows at the top of the screen when connected, to a button on our website but I can't get access.

Is this URL wrong or does Screensurfer have to be installed in a special path (inside WWWROOT)?

This is an urgent matter as I am very interested in this product and have been in constant communications with Peter Shackleton regarding purchasing it, providing we can get it working.

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 1999-11-30 09:17:07  New Status: Pending Customer
Comment The free download version of Screensurfer doesn't include the ability to access it from another machine-- do you have a temporary access code to enable this feature?

If so, then perhaps you are missing the correct port in your URL-- frequently, Screensurfer will configure itself to listen on port 82 if IIS is running on the machine during installation. If so, your URL needs the http://mymachine:82 to connect correctly...