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Short Description Screen size; can it be enlarged to fill the Screensurfer window?
Entered By: AnthonyA@flynet.co.uk When: 2001-02-05 06:44:46 Build: 3.0.0F Bet
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Can the display of the session be enlarged to fill the 
Screensurfer window, instead of occupying a smaller area 
(toward its top left), please?

This evaluator is concerned about the prospect of his 
customers facing a  display physically smaller than they 
are used to (and understandably doesn't want to change to 
800 x 600 pixel display).
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-02-05 07:12:10  New Status: Pending Customer
The size of the emulator window is dependent on the fonts 
that have been selected.  Due to the pass-through being 
dependent on fonts that work both inside and outside of 
browser entry fields, there are issues with Netscape.

With IE, we have a sample template file at:

Which provides the necessary settings to change the font 
size for a display.  Using information acquired on an 
initial welcome HTML page (which has some script that 
queries some of the window properties), you can calculate 
the optimal font to initialize and display with.

Another approach is to tie the font settings into a 
personal settings page that the user can utilize to 
personalize their view.
Append By: AnthonyA@flynet.co.uk  When: 2001-02-05 11:49:16  New Status: Pending Customer
We have modifed personal.stml, replacing TESETs with a 
TEPUTSECTION from fonts.stml (near the top).  The snag is 
that it is overwritten with the original personal.stml 
every time I recompile.  How can we prevent this, please.

(File to be mailed)
Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-02-05 12:50:33  New Status: Pending Customer
With V3, the personal.stml file is generated from the 
personal.psl and personal.pml files on each compile.

This is a bit of a bug, since the files shouldn't 
regenerate unless the date of either the .psl or .pml file 
is later than the target (in this case personal.stml).

The temporary remedy, to allow you to edit/manage personal 
and global like you are used to, is to rename the files 
global.pml and personal.pml to something like global.pmlbak 
and personal.pmlbak.

These files are located in 
the /screensurfer/hostserver/patterns folder, in the 
current install--the next install on a new system will put 
them into /screensurfer/hostserver/pml (the .PSL files go 
in their own ../psl folder).
Append By: AnthonyA@flynet.co.uk  When: 2001-02-08 12:35:50  New Status: Pending Customer
Succeeded in avoiding the regeneration, but only by copying 
the files into a different folder 
(/screensurfer/hostserver/patternsII).  Renaming alone was 
not sufficient.  Is this viable as a temporary remedy for 
the evaluator, please?

Append By: WindSurfer  When: 2001-02-09 08:49:44  New Status: Pending Customer
No regeneration will occur if there is no file in the PML 
directory matching the target file.

Perhaps the file system enumerated a .PMLBAK as a .PML!  
Don't know...but if there is no file in the active PML 
directory, there is no regeneration and this is a safe 

We will be adding a lockout on personal, global and control 
since in many cases these files will be manually managed.  
The high-level visual editing is targeted at quick success 
or for small projects.